Upward Bound House

UPWARD BOUND HOUSE is an amazing place that houses homeless families, usually from three to six months – sometimes as long as a year. These are families where either a lost job or medical bills, or other circumstances have forced them on to the street. Their goal is to get the family back on their feet by providing counseling, financial counseling, free food and clothing. With a $2,500 donation, one can “own” an apartment that houses a family.  You can also choose to furnish an apartment with a $1,500 donation. This consists of new linens: towels and bed, kitchen things; toasters, china wear etc. all that the family gets to keep when they move into their own apartment. Aimee Przybylski is the director and was our guest.  There are so many ways to get involved big and small with Upward Bound house which is why I love it so much.