My Friend's Place

I first heard about MY FRIENDS PLACE from Ivan Tether. Ivan, my daughter Cairo and I, and a group of about 15 people sing carols every year at the Veterans Hospital just before Christmas. Ivan mentioned this organization to me one Christmas and I decided to go and visit MFP. I am so glad I did!

Heather Carmichael is the director of this wonderful Homeless shelter for youths in Los Angeles. Sadly, it is only open in the day hours and the youth are forced to find cover outside for the night – we must find a way to change this – but during the day, MY FRIENDS PLACE is a wonderful shelter for them.  California was moving into the winter months, and the temperature was changing, so we chose to buy blankets so that every youth in the program would have their own new blanket. We have continued our support in a “full circle way” by donating all our left over food from our events to MFP.