Camp Pendleton II

Sue Cameron and I were invited for a very special day to participate in Marine Corps activities at CAMP PENDLETON. This included participating in training exercises,  shooting live ammo with saw machine guns, M16’s and photo squad Auto M249’s to name a few -  ride tanks, run & climb obstacle courses (or try to! ) Meet and talk to marines, their sergeants and even a  General. It was an amazing and unforgettable day.  

Several months later, we were able to host another dinner for CAMP PENDLETON. This time it was for a program called THE SINGLE MARINE PROGRAM. We raised money to offset a once in a lifetime outing such as river water rafting and a trip to San Francisco for a group of young enlisted marines who cannot afford to do this on their own. We also raised enough money to buy a new gaming system for the recreational center. Lance Corporal Christine Sepulveda was our guest, lovely, sweet and a talented artist too.