Philanthropist Alexandra Dwek is inspired to help others; she strives to bring awareness to the causes that she feels most passionate about. She is currently a member of the UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Advisory Board, The Colleagues, of which she is a former President, The Blue Ribbon of Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Library Council, Los Angeles World Affairs and The Pacific Council.

Her past involvements have also included The National Charity League, ESLA (the Episcopal School of Los Angeles), The Red Cross, The National Horse Show, The American Horse Show Association, The Children's Institute and PSLA.

In 2012,  Alexandra’s charity interests expanded to include much smaller charities that didn’t have corporate sponsors. She wanted to help the storefront charities, the women-inspired military, the teen hotlines at hospitals only funded by individual donors, the supplies at homeless shelters – just to name a few. She founded FRIENDS WITH CAUSES. Six times a year she holds dinners at her home where guests are invited to  listen to an individual who runs a small local or American charity. The money raised during the evening goes directly to the charity. 

“Actually sitting face-to face and hearing about the personal cause is very moving and intimate. Our invited guests really understand how important their dollars and personal efforts are. They can decide, if it’s a charity that really touches them, to continue to be involved in any way they want. Our dinners have evolved into very special evenings of true friendship and shared ideals".


Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
— Mother Teresa