EROC - End Rape On Campus

My friend Beth Friedman holds several seminars a year. They are incredibly informative and interesting on a wide array of topics.  This past spring, I attended one where the discussion centered on the documentary THE HUNTING GROUND.  I was seated beside a young lady who I did not realize at the time I would be calling a little over a week later.  Her story is featured in the movie. Because her own experience and those of three friends, they co-founded EROC – END RAPE ON CAMPUS.  Sophie Karasek ,one of the co-founders, came to share with us how EROC is trying to stop schools and universities from shoving legitimate rape and sexual assault cases under the rug. They counsel women who are victims of this violent crime to make their schools stand up and take notice. Sophie is incredibly smart- well beyond her years, and a brilliant speaker… she will definitely go far. So many of us are mothers of young daughters, and several like me with seniors about to start college next year, it was a very impactful evening.